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Italian Focaccia Bread Italian Focaccia Bread

For us, bread is anything we make with flour that isn't sweet enough to call dessert. That includes quiche or other savory pies.

One of our favorite meals is muffins, scones, or cornbread, with a hearty soup and salad.

If the bananas last long enough to get beyond ripe, banana nut bread or muffins are big favorites, and disappear fast! Anything with blueberries is always a big hit.

Recently we've gone gluten free, so you'll find more GF breads and muffins here and in our gluten free recipe index.

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Unleavened and Leavened Breads

We're big on unleavened flat breads, great to wrap around burrito or sandwich fixings, or cooked Indian veggies. We eat tortillas (which we confess we buy already cooked), Indian chapatis (similar to tortillas), or dosas (thin pancakes like crêpes).

When we make yeasted breads, quick recipes like focaccia bread are always in demand. The same basic dough recipe is used for homemade veggie pizza.

Tofu Recipe Ebook

Lately we've been experimenting with breads from the cookbook, Artisan Bread In Five Minutes. It's great to have yeast bread dough ready to bake in the fridge!

To make these bread recipes gluten free:

  1. Substitute gluten free baking mix for wheat flour.
  2. Increase the wet OR decrease the wet ingredients by 20%
  3. Add 1/2 tsp xanthan or guar gum to the dry ingredients per cup of flour mix (don't add if you are using a gf mix that already contains xanthan gum)
  4. Increase the leavening by 1/3 and add 1 Tbsp lemon juice or 1 tsp vinegar to boost the rising power
  5. Mix thoroughly instead of just barely
  6. Increase the baking time by 20% and the oven temp by 10 - 25 degrees

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