Savvy Vegetarian News 11.21.10: Energy, Pasta, Thanksgiving

Judith Kingsbury

Boost Energy on Vegetarian Diet, Kid Friendly Pasta Butternut Squash Recipe, Thanksgiving Again This week: 10 tips for a tired new vegetarian, & a kid friendly recipe for pasta, butternut squash & chickpeas that’s so yummy, we want to eat it every day. Plus, we’re linking to our Thanksgiving Menus for those who missed last […]

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Vegetarian, Vegan Thanksgiving Menus|Recipes|Advice

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Savvy Vegetarian News, 11.14.10: Vegetarian or Vegan Thanksgiving: Light & Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Ideas & Recipes, Thanksgiving Advice Delicious vegetarian and vegan thanksgiving menu ideas without the tofurkey! Low fat vegan, lacto ovo vegetarian and traditional thanksgiving menus & recipes for a successful family Thanksgiving. What can vegans or vegetarians eat on a holiday that is […]

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