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When you consider that half the people in the world are women, you quickly realize that not nearly enough importance is attached to their health and well being.

In fact, in much of the world, conditions for most women and their children are beyond appalling! For vegetarian women as well as non-vegetarian.

Besides poverty & hunger, war, and ignorance, or perhaps as a result of them, loss of cultural integrity is behind much of that suffering.

Savvy Vegetarian supports the revival of traditional women's knowledge and practices for the health and well being of themselves and their families. Starting with ourselves.


About.com: pregnancy and childbirth

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine pregnancy and nutrition

Vegetarian Pregancy and Breastfeeding, Savvy Vegetarian

Susun Weed - wise and practical articles on womens holistic health, some of the best I've read, on growing and harvesting nutritious weeds, fertility, PMS, menopause, and healthy bones. Here's one: susunweedarticles And another: How To Make Infusions, and related topics.


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The Answer To Cancer - Is Never Giving It A Chance To Start, by Hari Sharma, M.D. & Rama K. Mishra, G.A.M.S. with James G. Meade, PH.D, Select Books, 2002. This is a book everyone should read, because it's informative, helpful, compassionate, and upbeat. Unlike most "must reads", Answer To Cancer is both wise and witty. James Meade's sense of humor is priceless, making a frightening subject easy to take. Read the reviews and order from Amazon

The New Becoming Vegetarian - The Complete Guide To Adopting A Healthy Vegetarian Diet, by Vesanto Melina, R.D. and Brenda Davis, R.D.The origanal edition, Becoming Vegetarian, was published in 1994, and the updated version is even better. It's an excellent primer on vegetarian nutrition, one that every vegetarian should own.

The Bone Density Diet, 6 Weeks to a Strong Body and Mind, by George J. Kessler, D.O., P.C. with Colleen Kapklein, Ballantyne Books 2000. This book on preventing and overcoming osteoporosis is written by A Man, and I suspect he may have had some incentive to recommend HRT. However, there is enough excellent material on the alternatives to make it worthwhile.

Protein Ebook

Kessler tells you how osteoporosis, which afflicts most elderly N. American women, and a significant percentage of men, can be completely prevented, and reversed at any age, largely through diet and exercise. He recommends a diet that is easily adapted to vegetarianism.

The Childbearing Year, by Susun Weed: a wonderful herbal primer for pregancy and lactation. You'll find invaluable information on herbal tonics for fertility, for prevention of pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding. I wish I'd had it when I was twenty-something and having babies.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding: The La Leche League bible of breastfeeding. You can do nothing better for you and your baby, so if you're expecting, you can't go wrong with this book. Then find a local chapter of La Leche League to join.

Your Vegetarian Pregnancy, by Holly Roberts, mother, vegetarian and obstetrician: Here's a link to an editorial review for a book that I haven't read, but which sounds excellent and affordable:


Tofu Recipe Ebook

A Modern Herbal: Herbal experts including Susan Weed, products from Mountain Rose Herbs, lots of links.

Breastfeeding Guide: Long article with extensive breastfeeding tips, FAQS, how-tos and videos for nursing Moms

Cholesterol: American Heart Association - I was looking for information, and came across this page, which answered most of my questions

Health & Yoga: Free yoga exercises for pregnancy, due date calculator, pregnancy diet, books.

Herbs as Medicine: glossaries, books, links to a wide variety of sites.

Homemade Baby Food Recipes: A Complete Range Of Homemade Baby Food Recipes, From First Foods To Full Meals

La Leche League International: An extremely comprehensive breastfeeding support site.

Mothering.com's Breastfeeding Support: Several pages of links to supportive articles for breastfeeding Moms

Pressure Cooker Ebook

Natural Mom: One of the links on Jane's Breastfeeding Resources. Check out their award winning sites, and articles by well-known herbalist, Susan Weed.

Nutrition MD: How nutrition relates to the prevention and treatment of specific health conditions. Plus guides on how to make over your diet, answers to specific nutrition questions, and delicious recipes. Developed by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Dr. Neil Barnard, president.

Rethinking Osteoporosis: Non-profit research and education organization dedicated to a holistic rethinking of osteoporosis. The research indicates that there are many factors contributing to bone health as part of individual's complete health profile, and that reduced estrogen, lower bone density, and lower calcium intake don't necessarily mean you will have osteoporosis.

USDA: Free search for the nutrient content of most any food, either simple, as in cheese, or by brand name, as in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Vegetarian Society of the U.K.: Free membership site for vegetarian nutrition info, and the vegetarian scene in Europe.

Vegetarian Women: Online community and resource, where vegetarian women can support and communicate with others who seek to live a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle. Anyone interested in vegetarianism is more than welcome.

Quinoa Recipe Ebook


Mothering Magazine: Articles, news, discussion board. We get this at our local library, but it's worth subscribing or becoming a member of the website. For a table of contents of the current news stand issue, click on the cover picture. The online version is interesting, and there is a discussion board, but the hard copy has much more scope and depth.

Yoga Journal: The practice of yoga is a powerful aid to all aspects of health, no matter what your level of expertise. I don't live in the same universe as the breathtakingly fit yoga adepts in Yoga Journal, but there are always useful tidbits to apply to my yoga practice, laughable as it may be. And the magazine appears to be pitched primarily to women.


Earth Friendly Baby - we've used earth friendly baby products for my granddaughter. They have the best diaper rash ointment I've ever seen, but all the products are great.

Nutiva: All of their products are USDA organic certified and verified by the Non-GMO Project. They oppose unlabeled genetically modified foods which are poisoning our food supply. We use and enjoy their products.

MAPI (Maharishi Ayurvedic Products Inc.) - Ayurvedic herbal products, aroma oils, toiletries etc. Our family has used these products for nearly twenty years - they are consistently high quality, very effective and reliable. There are numerous products that are especially useful for women, and lots of ayurvedic information, newsletters, etc.

Rainbow Light: The complete pre-natal vitamin complex is highly spoken of by the expectant mothers I know, and is recommended by our local midwives. Some Moms find the spirulina or something affects their tender tummies. I recommend the tablets only, not the powdered form, which doesn't dissolve well, and tastes nasty. Rainbow Light products are NOT always vegetarian - some include gelatin. They also have an effective women's one-a-day multivitamin.

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